Saturday, May 4, 2013

TOP Tracks #28 - "Terra's Theme"

"Terra's Theme" is not only the theme of the main character of Final Fantasy VI, Terra, but also functions as the theme of Final Fantasy VI itself. The opening sequence uses this theme, arranging it into a much more haunting, isolated and frigid version of the song as Terra and her subordinates march through a barren, frozen wilderness. "Terra's Theme" is used as the overworld music, meaning everytime you are walking form place to place during the game this song will be playing. This version is less haunting and more hopeful. Terra's journey is one of self-discovery and perseverance. Her theme reinforces a feeling that things will get better if we just keep moving forward.

Final Fantasy VI is an amazing game. Many of the things htis game did well were never duplicated again in the series. This includes its very large cast of characters, most of whom are extremely well presented and developed despite how many of them the story must account for. The large number of characters also lends to the unique game mechanic of splitting up your team into smaller, mini-teams that explore different parts of the same dungeon simultaneously. Each of these characters also had their own individual theme song, which is something I absolutely love. Uematsu would continue using character themes going forward in the "Final Fantasy" series until his departure from the company.


I played Final Fantasy VI way too late in life, and I'm ashamed to admit that I still haven't beaten it. When I was a kid, it was too hard for me. When I was a teenager, it was too hard for me. I'm not that good at role-playing games (RPG). The only one I'm proficient at is Chrono Trigger, but that is one of the easiest RPGs to get into that I've played. Final Fantasy VI gave me a lot of trouble and as a result I kept quitting. My last attempt was stalled when my save state (emulator) deleted itself right after I arrived in the World of Ruin. Boy was I mad! Despite all this and the fact that I haven't seen everything the game has to offer, I can state without reservation: it has fantastic music.

I love the opening scene of Final Fantasy VI. So there's no doubt that I also appreciate "Terra's Theme" which it uses in the opening. The first time I played the game, it was snowing heavily outside. I always associate the lonely theme with being out on some frigid frontier, isolated from things that make you smile. My bedroom was always freezing back then, too. Despite the chill I get when I hear this song, I seem to get a message from this song every time: we have a job to do, a journey to embark upon.

- Deez

Derivative Tracks

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  1. I like how when you first play FF6, the game goes right into the opening cutscene, not offering the at-that-point useless load option. There are a few games which still do that, but not many. (I mostly noticed when I was writing First Hour reviews, I would typically start the clock when I hit "New Game", but a few of them had me scrambling to type what was going on when I realized this was the actual beginning of the game)