Saturday, May 18, 2013

TOP Track #14 - "Theme of Super Metroid"

My first memory of Super Metroid is that a friend of mine skipped school the day it was released. He was pioneering that concept at the young age of thirteen. We made fun of him up and down that he wouldn't go to school because he wanted to play a game that badly. Oh, how he could make me eat those cruel words if only he knew how many times I've done that over the years. I did think it was cool that his mom let him stay home to play games. At the time, though, I didn't get it because I didn't see the appeal of Super Metroid. I owned Metroid and it was good, but so insanely difficult. Through the 90s, I was much more interested in the role-playing games. If I were allowed, I may have skipped school for Secret of Mana or Final Fantasy VI, but not a game like Super Metroid - or so I thought. (Looking at you, Metroid Prime).

So I played Super Metroid with this friend and my mind was absolutely blown. I bought the game immediately; I probably had to beg, scrape, cry, promise chores, sing, dance, who knows - but I got that game. I played it all summer long. By winter break, my friend and I were so good at the game we tried to go for the fastest win ever. We tag-teamed it, each taking a turn to suit our personal strengths. My friend was a pro bomb-jumper. We never even got the High Jump Boots thanks to his impressive feats of bomb-jumping. We skipped everything skip-able, beat the game with a bare minimum of upgrades. We spent all weekend getting our time down under 30 minutes. Yes, you read that correctly. We spent 48 hours of straight game-playing to play a game in 30 minutes or less. And let me tell you, best weekend ever.

Super Metroid is one of my all time favorite games ever made, and I haven't even gone into detail about how the haunting music really sets the mood and theme so perfectly. You should play this game. I'll play it later today. I can't stop myself!


Nine times out of ten, I love to watch my brother play video games. When i was a kid, Super Metroid was one of those rare examples that I didn't care for. Honestly, it frightened me. It was kinda boring. I didn't get it. How foolish I was! What seemed so dull to me when I was 6 turned out to be the exact reasons that make Super Metroid an all-time great. Zebes is the ultimate playground for an adventurer; it's isolated, dangerous, lonely and fraught with mystery.

The "Theme of Super Metroid" is aptly named. It's dark; it's eerie, and it has an aura of heroic purpose. The song prepares you for the journey. Your neck hairs stand up, and adrenaline will have your fingers trembling. It helps serve as a reminder that Samus is not a genocidal maniac (who only seems to spare creatures that show her new ways to jump), but is, in fact, embarking on a mission with good intentions. The track also manages to convey a cold feeling of lonliness, which our hero seems to exemplify. She's almost entirely anonymous, barreling through space on her one-seat ship. At this point in the series, her only friend is a blood-sucking Metroid, the very species she's sent in to destroy time and time again. If that's not a statement about loneliness, I don't know what is.

- Deez

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Super Metroid: a Symphonic Poem by London Philharmonic Orchestra and Andrew Skeet on Grooveshark

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