Sunday, May 26, 2013

TOP Track #6 - "The Last Battle"

There's one thing that Deez and I agreed on early in this project, the Dynasty Warriors series has some incredible music. Unfortunately, I'm not entirely familiar with all the music across all the games, so I popped up a playlist on YouTube one afternoon and just listened to song after song from all the Dynasty Warriors games as well as all the other spin-off series (Samurai, Gundam, etc). A few were so amazing they made it on to our list of songs to be judged, even though we'd never played some of the games - though when you've played one Dynasty Warriors game, realistically speaking you've played them all. Though they have updates and changes, they all fundamentally play similarly. Button mash your way through thousands upon thousands of peons and officers to claim complete and total victory for your army - though your troops may as well have slept in that morning, because you're a one-man killing god of war. 

"The Last Battle" swiftly moved up the ranks of our tournaments. Although there are many great tracks in the Dynasty Warriors series, I think this one in particular exemplifies everything you'd ever need to know. The music often tries to blend traditional (in this case Chinese) music with contemporary music (in most cases, rock or metal) and the results are fantastic. This song in particular is an invigorating finale. There is an underlying marching beat to get your heart pumping for battle, an overlay of rock power ballad to make everything you do feel larger than life, and mixed in is the theme of Dynasty Warriors 7 to remind you of what your fight has been for all along the way. It's a fantastic song and I'm proud that to have a great piece of Dynasty Warriors music make it this far up our list of TOP Tracks.


This song just gets me going! It rocks, plain and simple. I'm a user of, a service that "scrobbles" all the music you listen to and compiles it into neat data. Data doesn't lie. I have been obsessed with this song the past couple months, so much that I'm afraid I'm going to over-listen and get sick of it. If electric guitars existed in the 5th century BCE, I believe this would have played during the Battle of Thermopylae. I wish they had used this track for Conquest Mode's "Battle for Supremacy," wherein you go up against 30 generals in a ruthless onslaught. Despite our high-leveled characters, TOP and I faced double trouble in that level and "The Last Battle" would have no doubt invigorated us beyond any doubt of victory.

Dynasty Warriors 7 was my first introduction to the series, and the music did not disappoint me. I strongly believe that Uematsu Nobuo and Mitsuda Yasunori were composing themes in the NES/SNES days with some 80's metal in mind. Yamada Haruki's "The Last Battle" is a perfect action track that builds anticipation and serves up exciting, climactic guitar riffs. Perhaps no other word is as overused as this on the internet, but I have no choice but to use it in this instance: epic. That's the only word to describe this song. When the intensity ramps up again at the 2:11 mark, I feel like I'm about to go Super Saiyan.

- Deez

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