Friday, February 22, 2013

Week in Review - 2/22/2013


Dragons make the best photo ops.
I spent almost an entire day last weekend playing Skyrim in order to queue up the Tumblr for the week. As I predicted, I didn't have much time to play during the week. Toki has fought his 3rd dragon! He's joined up with the Stormcloaks and is working to unify the province under the banner of High King Ulfric. I'm about to hand over the Jagged Crown to Ulfric the next time I log into the game. 

Pyro Oliver seen on the far right!
The desire to play The Sims 3 is almost always some app running in the background of my brain. Everytime I have a free moment during which I may squeeze out a drop of game time, The Sims 3 is always the game that pops up but gets shut down for other games. It's such a great go-to time sink, too. So much to do and always new ways of doing it. I did load it up this week, though. I spent a night with my Death-by-Fire Ghost of myself Pyro Oliver and turned him into a heroic Firefighter. Once he reached the top of his career, I got bored and shut it down. I have to think of new ways to challenge myself. 

I don't usually mention the silly little programs I download and amuse myself with while waiting for classes to start, or appointments to begin. I play them so infrequently and they are more like "mindlessly tap your finger" than any real semblance of a true game. This one isn't too much different, but it endears itself to me with little Final Fantasy characters, summons, and themes. I've turned it on twice, and decided it's cute. I won't uninstall it just yet. It's simple, mindless and features Cloud as a summon. That's all a mobile game needs, I guess. 


Deez finally got settled in his new place with a better internet connection! We had our first real jam session in quite some time and it was a blast. Here are some thoughts on our adventures in the Three Kingdoms!

My Harp was feared in all of China.
We push forward on our journey to unify China in Conquest Mode. I wasn't sure how our maps differed due to some loss of save data on my end earlier last year, so I let Deez forge his path to a new Curved Sword for Zhou Tai and I hung on for the ride. After the weapon was acquired, we did Battle for Supremacy as our finale for the first time. It was ridiculous, fun and ridiculously fun. Two brothers against four entire Chinese armies? That's what Bunker Hill Bros are all about.


These peons are being a bit dramatic.
We finally took up arms in Conquest Mode again. After unlocking what I thought to be the ultimate Curved Sword, we joined the Battle for Supremacy and made short work of the Three Kingdoms. It was an epic battle to be sure, but our characters are strong enough that we should probably bump up the difficulty level. Watch yourself, China!


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