Saturday, February 16, 2013

Week in Review - 2/16/2013


Dragons make the best pictures.
The saga of Toki continues for another week. Check out all the great pictures I've been taking in the picture blog at Toki the Dragonborn! Toki's fought a second dragon, cleared Shroud Hearth Barrows and is currently in Windhelm seeking to join the Stormcloaks in their rebellion. He has a good heart and is constantly delayed by people in need, but he has no sympathy for Imperials or their supporters. He slays them on sight if he isn't vastly outnumbered.

Playstation 3
For the Kingdom of Shu!
Last week in Bunker Hill Bros. I talked about our long nights tearing through the battlefields of China. It really got me pumped up to play a "Warriors" game, so I fired up DW7 for some solo action. I looked through my trophies to see what I could work on and realize I never beat the game with my favorite faction: Shu. So I took my fight to the Story Mode and spent an evening clearing it. DW7 really has a great Story Mode, even though it is lacking in several other modes.

My name is Splash
I have metal joints.
Defeat my fish friends
Earn Laser Trident points!
I've been avoiding this game because I got stuck (again) on Splash Woman's stage. After not being able to beat Jewel Man's stage for several years, it was discouraging to get stuck so soon on a different Robot Master's level setup. There is a part of her level just before you get to the boss room that's literally moving platforms over walls and floors of spikes. Timing is everything and no matter what I tried it was not happening. Then one night I only had 30 minutes to play a game so I opted to try one quick time and finally made it through to the end. Concrete Man is all that stands between me and Dr. Wily. 

Bad kitty!
I really hit a roadblock in this game. I believe I'm very, very close to the end, but I'm stuck in a tough boss fight with very limited consumables. If I had enough coffee to fuel Oliver's magical attacks through these two fights it wouldn't be a problem, but I only have one or two. There's no way to leave and resupply (that I know of) so I either have to tough it out somehow or start over near the beginning. I'd rather win than admit defeat.

- TOP 

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My Mighty Egyptian Empire!
Due to insufferable internet connection problems, Deez and I have never successfully completed a Civilization V match, but we certainly enjoy throwing ourselves at it. I really enjoy the early parts of the game, so it isn't too troublesome to always focus on ancient units.


Civilization was one of the earliest computer games I was ever exposed to. I watched enviously as my father and brother conquered the world. My first introduction to the series was Civilization II, which remains my favorite computer game of all time. Fifteen years after its launch, I was making friends in college with other Civ II players. It was a no-brainer that TOP and I would get into Civ V in order to play over the internet. It's also a no-brainer that my brother always kicks my ass even to this day.


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