Saturday, March 2, 2013

Week in Review - 3/2/2013


Get used to this screen!
I first heard of The Banner Saga during their Kickstarter, when I wrote an article about what Kickstarter could mean to the video game industry last year. It seems like a game I'd really enjoy, so when The Banner Saga: Factions popped up on Steam this week (free-to-play) I decided to try it. I didn't know at the time that it was a spin-off game; I thought the name had just changed. Factions is a PVP version of the upcoming single-player game. I played it for a few hours and it was good, but PVP is not what I'm interested in. I'll wait for the single-player release. 

Ulfric is generous with promotions.
After handing the Jagged Crown over to Ulfric Stormcloak, Toki was sent to the battle at Whiterun. There he was instrumental in taking over the city for the Stormcloak rebellion and Jarl Balgruuf was removed from his station. Toki also was key in conquering Falkreath. He also helped root out a serial killer in Windhelm and purchase a home in Whiterun. Lydia returned to service at Breezehome in Whiterun. You can check out my picture blog for these adventures:

Bridgeport Cityscape
I installed "Late Night" and decided to try out living in the included city of Bridgeport. I moved in to a small apartment where I intended to learn mixology and make my way tending bars around town. I actually became quite skilled and quite famous before I realized none of the money I was making as a bartender was actually going into my funds. This is apparently some obnoxious glitch they still haven't fixed two years after the release of "Night Life." I abandoned that character to pursue some achievements - such as being arrested as a Con Artist. Currently, I'm working on making 50,000 simoleons from harvested goods. 

Playstation 3
Devils are so evil.
I defeated Concrete Man and made it through two levels of Wily's Castle, but I am utterly defeated by the Blob Devil in Wily's 3rd stage. I am about to give up on this game, especially because every time I walk away I'm required to re-conquer Wily Stage 1 & 2 before I get stuck on the Blob Devil. It's pretty disheartening to be so close and yet so far from winning. I have not given up yet, but I feel close to it. I can't let Dr. Wily get the best of me!

White Witch & Zodiarchs
I worked through my differences with evil King Tom XIV and pushed through to the end of the game. I defeated the White Witch and the Zodiarchs after two attempts (losing only to the Zodiarchs' Chaos attack because I was unprepared for it). I've also been mucking around in the post-game of Ni no Kuni and contemplating getting the Platinum Trophy (100% completion) for it. If I do so, it would be the first game I have ever gotten 100% in Trophies/Achievements. Right now, I'm just working on side-quests and my alchemy recipes. 

- TOP 

PS:  No Bunker Hill Bros. article this week. Deez has been traveling and incommunicado. 

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