Friday, February 1, 2013

Week in Review - 2/1/2013

I wasn't able to post on Tuesday due to an incredibly busy schedule. That's going to be the new normal, so I'm trying to investigate ways to re-organize my time so that a TOP Gaming post comes up every week. I don't want to break any promises, again, but there should be one going up on Tuesday of next week. In it I will explain more about the changes to my schedule and their impact on gaming and blogging.


Meet Toki - Skyrim's new hero!
The new "Dragonborn" DLC is going to be released next week. I'm really excited for it, but I have barely scratched the surface of the previous DLC. I decided to make a new character - the ultimate Nord champion - inspired by my first character that I lost when my old computer crashed. He's heavy armor and two-handed weapons kind of guy. He has a distrust of magic and a belief in Talos. He attacks Imperial soldiers and agents of Thalmor on sight (if he can get away with it). He hasn't even brought the Dragonstone back to Whiterun. 

Notice the Tombstones?
Good thing our spawns are built in!
My wife and I upgraded to Mythril Armor in order to spawn the Destroyer. He disappeared before we could defeat him and so we built a rather impressive arena in which we defeated him twice. There is a bedroom on each side of the arena to respawn, and treasure chests with potions suitable for each of us (Ranger/Mage). I've built the arena on Dart Trap foundations, and may extend them up into the sky at a later date. We then moved on to Skeletron Prime who promptly defeated us twice in a row. We since upgraded to Adamantite Armor after much laborious mining efforts done by both my wife (for the first time!) and I. 

Playstation 3
My Bighorn's name is Garuda
This is the only game I've had a chance to play since last weekend and I really haven't done that much. Over the weekend I spent a few hours tracking down the elusive Toko familiar. This also had the side-effect of over-leveling my characters and their pets. I've switched from using the starter Mite to a Bighorn that I've trained since he was a wee Little Bighorn. I haven't decided which evolution path I will take once I max out his current levels. Without too many spoilers, I'm currently trekking up Tombstone Trail with the Princes of Hamelin in tow. 


Despite my insanely busy week, we were able to set aside a couple hours on Monday night to make some progress in our current game of choice: Wanderlust: Rebirth. 

We particularly hate bears.
They are our arch-enemies.
The last time we played this we didn't get much in the way of Character Points (CP) so I insisted this time that my wife join us with her wizard-y fireball shooting girl. I'm just a fighter. I swing a sword. I don't have much knowledge of these fancy explosions and projectiles that everyone else seems to have. Nevertheless, I held my own in battle and came up on par with my wife. Deez's score blew us away, though. As a result we raked in a lot of CP and saw significant growth in our abilities. I still need some armor upgrades, though.


The Valandria version of Shock & Awe
Since learning how to utilize the bomb techniques, my Alchemist has been growing in leaps and bounds. In a game that doesn't seem to offer an easy way to grind, it can be difficult to effectively grow your character in a consistent and strategic manner. I find myself upgrading stats based on my most recent performances, as opposed to trying to build the ideal Thief - oops, I meant to say Alchemist. 


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