Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Picture Blogs

I won't be writing an article today due to my first college exam. I'm quite a bit anxious about it, so studying has taken up a considerable chunk of my free-time. I also need to start work on a paper about The Great Gatsby, so I'm not sure I'll have time to get anything up at all this week. Since TOP Gaming Blog will be quiet, I'd like to promote my two Tumblr projects which hopefully can fill that void for you.

Toki the Dragonborn - This is my picture blog of a new character in Skyrim. I recently learned how to take some pretty scenic screenshots, so I loaded up a bunch of graphics and game play mods to liven it up and enhance the shots. Then I decided to put them up in a short picture-journal format on Tumblr. You can browse through the pictures or read about Toki's adventures in his own words. It auto-publishes about 4/day this week so there should be new pictures every few hours.

Bunker Hill Bros. - This is a Tumblr account I share with my brother. It publishes much more frequently, mostly pictures (and a few mixed in articles) we find around the internet that really peak our interest. If you're curious about learning more about the Bros. then I suggest you check out our Tumblr. There we have a bit more freedom and flexibility to post not only about games, but also anime, manga, and comics.

Have a great week!


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