Friday, February 8, 2013

Week in Review - 2/8/2013


Yes, my sails are pink.
Deal with it.
Paradox Interactive (Crusader Kings II) was having a sale to celebrate their new online store so I poked around and find something new and affordable. This game reminds me vaguely of Sid Meier's Pirates! which is an outstanding game. I only spent a single night with Black Cove so far because my time is much more limited, but I had a good time. I think ultimately Pirates! is a lot better balanced, because getting around in Black Cove feels a bit tedious. Exploring and battles on the open sea are key to any good pirate game, but in this game it feels unnecessarily slow. 

This dragon is about to eat steel.
Toki is off to a slow start. He has conquered Bleak Falls Barrow and the first scripted dragon in the game. He's currently off on a pilgrimage to High Hrothgar to speak with the Greybeards who have summoned him. He really wants to fight in the Civil War for the Stormcloaks, but he can't ignore something as sacred as a summoning to High Hrothgar. Before I started Toki, I spent two hours adding graphical and gameplay improvements (mods) to the game. I'm now featuring the screen shots on a Tumblr account that I will link below. 

Playstation 3
Well met, Dark Djinn!
Until yesterday I didn't have the time to play Ni no Kuni, but with an upset stomach I spent most of my time on the couch. I had a really restful day as I gathered up the stones for Mornstar and am now face to face with the Dark Djinn, Shadar. I didn't have the courage (or the fortitude) to face him in battle. I want to steel my team against the coming fight. The last few boss battles have kept me on my toes and I haven't stopped to resupply my consumables or buy any new armor or weapons in a long, long time.


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Deez has been in the process of moving. I've started school. We were both too busy this week to squeeze in a couple hours of gaming, but we're both very hopeful for next week. Again, I'm going to pick a game we recently played on one of our game nights. We actually hope to get back into Dynasty Warriors 7 again in the near future if time and internet allows for it.

Zhao Yun is my go to character.
He mixes the right amounts of girly-looking
pretty boy with goddamn badass.
The "Dynasty Warriors" series seems to get a lot of negative feedback from western reviews, but like I said about the "Pokémon" series, sometimes a lack of innovation can be a good thing. Some "Dynasty Warrior" titles are better than others, but one thing is always guaranteed. I will have fun. For some reason, I do not get bored of this hack and slash, historical fiction. I can always be sure that picking a legendary character of the Three Kingdoms era of China and tearing through hundreds upon hundreds of peon warriors will always entertain me - especially along-side my brother! I don't care what other people say, I still believe in you, "Dynasty Warriors" series.


Don't bring a spear to a fire fight.
Playing Dynasty Warriors 7 online was one of the best online experiences I've had on a console. I've played several "Call of Duty" titles with my old college friends, but I'm not a big fan of the FPS genre. Dynasty Warriors gave me the same amount of camaraderie, but while hacking and slashing my way through the Three Kingdoms. Although some of the online mechanics were odd, like disappearing bosses and quirky maps, playing Conquest mode with my brother still stands out. If it weren't for my shoddy internet connection (hopefully fixed soon) I'm confident we'd still be playing this game, or another in this series.


The Bunker Hill Bros. have started a Tumblr as well where we share random thoughts and pictures we enjoy around the internet! We don't quite have a direction for it just yet, but check it out and keep looking for updates.

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