Saturday, January 26, 2013

Week in Review - 1/26/2013

I apologize for the Saturday post, but I had a busy blog schedule this week!

This is the first week where I'm trying to start taking my own screenshots. I've been doing this on Steam and other PC games all along, but it's more complicated on the Playstation 3. Some of them have turned out rather nice and others not so nice, so bear with me as I try and push through this growing phase.


Wizarding Glory!
Last weekend, Steam hosted a free weekend of Magicka. The Steam recommendation system has been pitching this game to me for a while, but I simply couldn't tell if I'd like it by looking at pictures or videos. It really took some hands-on game time to decide if it was the type of game I'd enjoy. I logged a handful of hours on Saturday and as it turns out this is quite a fun game. It's an action-adventure game that is heavy in self-referential humor. The most fun to be had in our small taste was mixing and matching magical elements to form new (and sometimes unexpected) spells to sling at our enemies.

Cobalt Ninja Shailud in his base!
We defeated the Wall of Flesh and entered Hardmode. It's hard. It took us thirty minutes just to get ourselves out of our outpost on the edge of Hell and back to the surface. We were attacked en masse by countless Corruption monsters that had emerged. We spawned Cobalt, Mythril and Adamantite, but so far are only equipped in Cobalt Armor. We then built some bases around the map - mine for storage and aesthetics; my wife's castle for form and function on the edge of the ever-spreading Hallowed ground. 

Playstation 3
My Pyromancer, Nara
I decided my first character was dying too much, so I decided to start a new one and follow the suggestion of online veterans a bit closer. My new Pyromancer does much better for herself. She made short work of the Bell Gargoyles (killing 1 before the 2nd even showed up!) which gave me quite a headache in my original run. She's fought her way past everything I had done before and is now headed into Blighttown which I know next to nothing about. Her death count is so much lower, but as a result of switching characters I abandoned my running death log (which was well over 100 deaths). 

Sit in your tower laughing for now!
Your day will come!
I'm stumped again in this game. Two weeks ago I blasted through my nemesis Jewel Man and subsequent Robot Masters until I came up against Splash Woman's stage. I didn't play last week, but I threw myself against her stage again and again this week to see if I could finally finish off this game and move on to Mega Man 10 once and for all. It was all in vain. I can get to the part with the moving platforms, but then it's one swan dive on to spiked floors after another. It's extremely frustrating. Splash Woman is sitting in her room laughing at me. I know it. 

Meet Oliver and Mr. Drippy
This game is already a gem in my collection. I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. I love Level-5 as a developer and I love Studio Ghibli as an animation studio. It was a guarantee that I'd want this game. I was pleasantly surprised to find the gameplay a clever blend of Dragon Quest VIII and Pokémon while watching a beautiful children's movie like Princess Mononoke or Spirited Away with an adorable cast of characters. The score is composed by Joe Hisaishi and recorded by the Japan Philharmonic

- TOP 

It was a busy week so the Bunker Hill Bros. did not get a chance to play a game together. I've chosen a game from the many we've played in the past for us to blog about briefly. Fitting with the week's theme, I've chosen Pokémon Battle Revolution.

Master Splinter with dreadlocks.
Taking our WiFi battles to the big screen, with bright and flashy Wii graphics was extremely welcomed, and the best aspect of the entire game. I spent weeks and weeks building up a team based around the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The only member of the team who was bread for his Individual Values was Splinter (Lucario) and the rest were taken as is. I had Leonardo (Blastoise), Donatello (Torterra), Michelangelo (Shuckle) and Raphael (Torkoal) backing him up. They were all EV trained and able to take down everything my brother threw at them.


Pokémon Training is bleak against EV-trained rivals.
I received a very generous care package from my brother in the Spring of 2007. Among other things, it included a Nintendo DS and Pokémon Diamond. I had sworn to never betray my loyalty to Gameboy for a DS, but, boy, was I wrong! The DS quickly grew on me, thanks to Diamond and access to WiFi. TOP recommended I research EV training to keep up with him, but it sounded like such a waste of time to me. I was wrong again! A couple years later we would face off on Pokémon Battle Revolution. His little team of misfits consistently dismembered all my Legendaries. It still stings to think about his utter dominance when our rivalry had previously been quite balanced.


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