Monday, May 20, 2013

TOP Track #12 - "The Moon"

I actually never owned DuckTales which explains why my brother probably never got a chance to play it (read below). I believe I rented it from a mom & pop video rental store named American Video. After a few bad purchases, my mom and step-dad came up with a rule that I stuck by for a long time when I was a child: rent first and buy if its worth the money. Now, DuckTales was definitely worth the money, but I really played the heck out of that game in the two or three days that I had my hands on it. I loved the TV show of the same name. I've loved Scrooge McDuck (an idol of my father's) for as long as I can remember. I wouldn't know this until I was much older, but to have a game built upon these great foundations by the team who brought me MegaMan would produce something that wouldn't really be outdone until Disney teamed up with my long-time idols at Squaresoft (Square Enix) to make Kingdom Hearts eleven years later.

I may have forgotten about this game over time (because I never owned it, so never revisited it) except "The Moon" keeps coming up and filling me with a sense of nostalgia. I remember when I discovered Pandora (internet radio) and created my first video game inspired station. The Advantage's version of "The Moon" came on and I was once again in awe of its greatness. I listed that track below so all can enjoy. There's something about this song that makes it just as impressive all these years later, and I'm not really surprised coming from the company that produced so many astounding "MegaMan" soundtracks.


I never played DuckTales as a child. I'm sure TOP owned it at one point, along with other early Capcom classics like MegaMan and RescueRangers. Looking back, I'm glad I never played it. It is insanely hard. Even now, when my friend and I play a ROM version of it on our Wii, we need to use save states in order to get the "secret" ending. It's pretty dismal by today's standards. I was incredibly excited when they announced the HD remix, which I'll promptly buy on PSN as soon as it's available.

Even though you are allowed to play through stages in any order, I always saved the Moon for last. It just seemed appropriate: Scrooge had conquered all the treasure on earth, why not go snag some alien booty on the moon? I can't tell you exactly why I love this song so much ... I just do. One of my favorite songs to listen to is The Advantage cover. It has a strange way of melting my worries away, akin to when Peter gets hypnotized in Office Space.

- Deez

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Ducktails - Moon by The Advantage on Grooveshark

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