Sunday, May 19, 2013

TOP Track #13 - "To Far Away Times"

This is my favorite ending music of all time, followed closely by the "End Credits" of Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past. It really reminds me of a day when getting to the end of a game was a bittersweet reward. I really haven't felt this way since the Super Nintendo age. I was sad that the journey had come to an end, but rewarded with some of the best music and images the game had to offer. Nowadays, I'm usually pretty disappointed by the ending and credits of video games. They feel more like an afterthought. I honestly can't think of one ending to a game that really stands out to me since some of the early days of Playstation

When Deez and I first started talking about Music May, I imagined "To Far Away Times" would make it into the TOP 5 Tracks, but here it rests at #13. It's among the perfect scores, but didn't even make it into the TOP 10. I'm not disappointed, honestly. When I look at what's coming up over the next two weeks, I can safely say the music will outshine "To Far Away Times," but this song does have a special place in my heart. It's a really fitting conclusion to one of the best games I've ever played. I have played and beaten Chrono Trigger more times than I could keep track of, which by my personal rankings makes it a timeless legend. 


It's hard to talk about "To Far Away Times" because it stirs up so many simultaneous emotions. When I hear the intro song for Chrono Trigger, it pumps me up. I can take on the world. There's one thought in my mind: I must destroy evil. This song makes me ... happy? I think so. Maybe sad. All I know is that instead of one thought, all the memories of the game flood into my mind, even if I haven't played in a long time. All the moments, good and bad, joyful and tragic, come rushing back.

This track starts off happy. It's happy because all is right in the world. Lavos has been defeated. The planet is saved. Crono and Marle can enjoy this last night of the Millennial Fair in peace. This track ends sad. Sad because the journey is over. They will never see some of the friends they've made ever again. After a whirlwind adventure like that, how can you go back to a normal life in 1000AD? The quiet transition in "To Far Away Times" reflects this bittersweet notion of a completed journey.

- Deez

Derivative Tracks

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To Far Away Times by Reuben Kee, Pixeitricks on Grooveshark

Love SQ: to Far Away Times (Livetune Remix) by livetune on Grooveshark

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