Friday, May 10, 2013

TOP Track #22 - "Gym Leader Battle"

I don't think I've ever brought this up on TOP Gaming, but a few years back I set up a tournament to determine which Kanto Gym Leader was the best. I used my Pokémon Diamond game, caught all the Pokémon that each gym leader uses. I got correct move sets. I got the correct levels. Then I made the gym leader's teams on Pokémon Battle Revolution and fought them against each other in a Round Robin tournament. The entire project took a ridiculously long time. It took weeks and weeks of work. Honestly, I've always wanted to do it again with the Johto gym leaders, but I can't ever sit down and commit that much time to it. Anyway, it might be fun to post that tournament sometime on TOP Gaming if I can find it. The winner, as predicted, was Sabrina - the most insanely difficult gym leader in the original region.

Honestly, my favorite region is Kanto. I love the Kanto gym leaders. I can name them all. I know most of the Pokémon they use. I love this song and how it brings in the main Pokémon theme to a tense battle. I love everything about Kanto and the first generation of Pokémon. I doubt I could name any other 8 gym leaders from other regions combined.


I love this music, but I got my ass whooped the first time I ever heard it. The instruction booklet told me to choose Bulbasaur, since I was a beginner. This was a mistake, but the manual couldn't know this. My eternal rival - aka brother - TOP chose Charmander as you may know. Any Pokémon trainer will tell you, losing to Brock with a Bulbasaur is not an easy task. That's how bad I was in the early days. This music disturbed me. Despite being a well-composed song for the brutish Gameboy system, the high notes haunted me as I continue to watch HP bars drop to zero. 

Junichi Masuda always does a great job of working the main Pokémon theme into different tracks throughout the game. They are most apparent during battle. It makes the world somewhat cohesive; the use of musical motifs get you in the mindset of a Pokémon trainer. This continues through the entire series, so even when you find yourself in a strange new region, it somehow feels familiar. Even the anime uses musical themes from the game. This is a great way to get the audience immersed in your world. 

- Deez

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