Saturday, February 20, 2016

Felin Files #6 - Conquering the Expanse

Greetings from Kathmandu!

Small Temple of L.E. III-a
Before setting out into the stars, I decided to fully devote myself to exploring the system in which I have been stranded for some time. During my travels on the closest moon of Lathasia Expanse III, I have had some troubling thoughts. Due to some undesirable stains on an otherwise perfect record of planetary exploration, I am not able to return home any time soon. It has occurred to me as I collect a small mountain of junk, I may need a more permanent base of operations from which I may launch my countless adventures of exploration and collection.

I'm a student of Avian Economics
Right now it looks like LE III-b - the moon upon which I was stranded - is my best option. It's small and completely uninhabited by intelligent life. The indigenous creatures are hostile but manageable now that I have found some worthy equipment. I do not like this moon and I hope I can find a more suitable place to permanently reside, but for now it may be my best option.

I explored Lathasia Expanse III-a and found a network of temples surrounding a bustling Avian city. The Avians seemed nervous about having a cat in their midst, but one young lady in particular tried to follow me back out into the wilderness. I convinced her it was for her best interests to stay among her people. Just outside of town I fought some frightening giants attracted to some glowing obelisk, so I'm glad she stayed behind. I like having this city nearby for trading purposes, but I do not want to set up a permanent home on such a heavily populated area.

Hello? Are you friendly?

- Kathmandu


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