Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Felin Files #5 - Lathasia Expanse III Prime

Planetary Explorer Kathmandu here.

The Planet Does Have These Weird Things
Before setting out into the unknown, I decided to check out the planet that I've been orbiting while stranded on the nearby moon. The first thing I can say about this new world is that it's huge. The gravity here is downright oppressive. I nearly broke my ankle just stepping down a steep slope. Every little bump has great potential to crush my bones under their own weight. The creatures that inhabit this planet were nearly identical to the ones that plagued me on the second moon above, but fighting them here was an entirely different experience in this gravity.

Do you have a friend on the 2nd moon?
I was somewhat surprised to learn that Lathasia Expanse III is not uninhabited. There is quite a diverse population living on the planet. I found a human hiker camped out by another abandoned mine leading me to believe this must have been a mining colony at one time. There is also an Avian, a Glitch and an Apex living in similarly designed homes scattered across the surface. I assume they know each other, but we didn't spend a lot of time in discussion. I tried to ignore their possessions. I need to give up my old ways and focus on exploring this vast, wonderful universe.

Hello, my new friend!

- Kathmandu


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