Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Felin Files #3 - Beneath the Temple

Ruin Explorer Kathmandu, at your service.

I can go no farther!
I ran into some trouble when I ran out of torches deep in the caverns below the abandoned mine. I didn't seem to have any materials available to make more. It is very unlike me to be this careless, but I suppose I never intended to dive this deep into the planet. I simply continued downward wondering "What will I find next?" Ruins beneath more ruins. Needless to say, I returned to the surface to resupply my stock of torches in order to press even deeper. 

Duel Wielding Action Cat
Back on the surface, I smelted down my iron and copper and made myself some new protective gear and some kick-ass iron sun glasses. It will help protect my eyes from poison spitting lizard men, and those awkward times I shine the flashlight into my face by accident. I poked around my impromptu cavern campsite. Just below my smelting area, I discovered a brand new cave system which held a multitude of new arms. Among the gear, I picked out a new pistol that shoots incendiary rounds. Now, I dual wield them like a cat-boss. The machine pistol lays down perfect suppression while the incendiary rounds burn my foes into pixels. 

What is this strange place?
To the east of my camp there is some bizarre landscape that makes me feel lighter than air. There are also some peculiar creatures living there that I have not found anywhere else on this planet. Naturally, they want to eat my insides so I burninate them to death with my new gun. This area of the planet is strange to me, but I do not want to waste too much time exploring it just yet. I still have to get the materials under the earth to repair my ship. It also happens that below the ancient ruins, below the Avian-looking ruins, below the abandoned mine, there is a decrepit, old cabin. I rest here for the night wondering what else I may find in the depths below. 

Camping in the Cabin

- Kathmandu


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