Sunday, February 7, 2016

Felin Files #2 - Beneath the Mine

Kathmandu here.

Life in the Mines
The abandoned mine I found on the surface of this planet in Lathasia Expanse has proven to be both exciting and lucrative. I have continued to descend with my trusty side arm silencing all the tongue-bats that stand in my way. Among the crates and boxes, I have managed to salvage a lot of rope, bandages, and some lose bits of ore I may be able to re-purpose - mostly copper and iron. I'm not sure how long I will have to remain on this planet, but it is good to know that I will have a lot of supplies from this mine to settle in if necessary. 

A City Gate, Perhaps?
The deeper I go the closer I get to the precious materials I need to fix the ship. I hoped the mine would take me farther than it has, but eventually I got to the bottom. That's where things got even stranger. Beneath the mine, I have discovered some ancient ruins. They look Avian in nature, and this is reinforced by some strange pillars I found that looked like long forgotten nests. I wonder if stumbling into these ruins is what stopped production in the mine - perhaps they dug too deep and uncovered something they should not have disturbed. As if to emphasize this, a crate right at the edge of the mine held a working machine pistol that I add to my arsenal. 

Are These Nests?

I trudge deeper through the ruins, ever the intrepid explorer. My curiosity is insatiable as I make my way farther and farther into the earth. Although I have had to widen a few paths along the way, I continue to find my way down into the depths laid out before me. Did the miners abandon the mines to excavate these strange ruins? Even more curious is that under the possible Avian ruins, I found more ruins of unknown origin. I've had to lower myself down some dangerous chasms, but deeper still I intend to go. I'm not sure I'll find conclusive evidence about what happened in the history of this little moon in the Lathasia Expanse. 

Who Built This?

- Kathmandu


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