Saturday, February 13, 2016

Felin Files #4 - Ship Repairs

It is I, Kathmandu, Pocket Dimension Conqueror.

Morning Exercise!
I lowered myself down from the underground cabins after resting my Felin eyes and was greeted by the glow of a mysterious door. I have heard tale of these enigmatic portals to other dimensions full of danger and (more importantly, I must say) treasure. Naturally, I steeled myself for the worst and stepped through the threshold to face whatever challenge the universe decided to bury under Lathasia Expanse III-b. I was certain I have seen worse in my nine lives.

Who Could Resist This Temptation?
The other side of this portal put me inside some kind of metallic ark. With catlike reflexes I was able to dodge lasers, fire traps and pools of scalding lava. Disappointed that I could not learn more about this unusual place, I collected my reward and returned to the moon on which I was stranded. Not without taking some photo evidence of my accomplishments, of course. Inside the box was a fancy space helmet that I will try out the next time I'm in space - naturally.

Challenge Accepted!

Fearless Kathmandu 
Just below this portal to a pocket dimension, I found the ores necessary to repair the ship's thrusters. This deep into the planet, I am amazed at the abundance or minerals and metals. The next time I need to hammer out some armor, I should perhaps head straight down into the depths and not spend too much time along the surface. After core collection, I was able to get the ship to lock on to my position and beam me up. Who knew it could reach me this far underground?

After the ship repairs were complete, I set off to a nearby outpost to fix the FTL drive.
I was not pleased with the welcome wagon.

Dogs!? Why'd it have to be dogs!?

- Kathmandu


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