Friday, January 18, 2013

Week in Review - 1/18/2013

Holy Land holdings not shown!
I got bit by a bug to conquer Europe this week. After much debate I decided to start as Count of Desmond, Ireland again. His dynasty is doing so much better than last time. I unified Ireland. I married into the Kingdom of Scotland and Wales. I'm one step away from proclaiming myself Emperor of Britannia and as a bonus, one of my heirs returned from the Crusades the conquering King of Jerusalem. Hail the Irish Empire.

Shailud & Minna at Candy Village!
My wife and I got our revenge on Skeletron with upgraded weapons and potions. We explored a huge chunk of the Dungeon he guards and brought back much loot to the Candy Village! I've upgraded my Ranger Shailud with Necro Armor and Mage Minna with Jungle Armor. We've built an outpost on the edge of the Underworld (Hades, if you will) and I've begun Hellstone mining operations while we scour the map for Health upgrades. Wall of Flesh, we will be gunning for you shortly then we enter the dreaded Hardmode. It will be a first for both of us and we are anxious about it. 

Playstation 3
I don't look this heroic.
I finally beat Demon's Souls which granted me in-real-life justification to move on to its successor. I have to admit, I'm loving it. I haven't poured a lot of time into it, but what I have done has been extremely fun. I started a running "death log" of how many times I throw myself at a situation before I get through it, and I hope to post it in the future. Right now, I'm throwing myself at the Bell Gargoyles in the Undead Parish. They seem to get the best of me every time the second one shows up and starts belching fire all over my hard work.


This is a new addition to my Friday column. My brother and I have reinstated a weekly gaming night, something we've done in the past with limited success. Since we have lived thousands of miles apart for over a decade, it gives us a chance to get together and hang out in the realms of video games. We grew up playing the NES/SNES era of Nintendo and a bit of Nintendo 64 before I headed off to college. It was one of the earliest things we had in common and a main source of our sibling bonding even to this day. So we've happily been able to continue this tradition with the rise of online gaming.

I've invited him to contribute to this column by giving his input on what we've been doing with our game nights. He does most of the logos, banners, icons and artwork for this blog and I have yet to give him due credit for his help getting TOP Gaming off the ground. He also does a lot of peer editing and helps brain storm new ideas. He's the hidden half of TOP Gaming.

We are the Prescott brothers from Pepperell, Massachusetts, so when making online game matches and such we've taken to calling ourselves the Bunker Hill Bros. We're wicked proud of our heritage. If you're (United States of) American and you don't know about Bunker Hill, educate yourself with the links provided below.

This week we've been playing Wanderlust: Rebirth!

This would be us
but only if all the players were dead.
After telling Deez about Terraria a while back, we've gotten real excited for the upcoming Starbound title. The guys at Starbound, in turn, worked out a deal with their affiliates at Chucklefish to get some of the proceeds from Wanderlust: Rebirth and put it toward the development of Starbound. I bought four copies of the game and Deez, my wife and I have been messing around in it since then. It's fun, but awkward. The awkwardness leads to unnecessary difficulty. We die a lot.


I like to hide under giant words!
We took up Wanderlust: Rebirth again this week, but I found it much more enjoyable this time. I'm finally taking advantage of the Alchemist class's full range of abilities. He drops AOE bombs on his enemies and then dashes to safety while they are dazed. I prove to myself once again that my favorite role in gaming is the cowardly ninja. HAHA! Our romps would be a lot better if we could figure out a way to gain more than 25 CP (Character Points) per level. Until then we have to deal with the shame of our OHKOs and default victories. HAHA!

- Deez

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