Friday, January 11, 2013

Week in Review - 1/11/2013


Direct Damage!
I played through the normal campaign and unlocked every card in the "Wielding Steel" deck, which is a White deck that makes use of Soldiers and Equipment cards. I've always been partial to Green and White. I think they represent my ideals, especially if I were a wizard. Incidentally, I've moved on to the Red deck called "Unquenchable Fire" which is mostly a direct damage deck. I'm having a much easier time with it. I've beaten a lot of computer opponents, but can't seem to connect with many people for online matches. 

Shailud at Lumber Mill / Tree Farm
My wife and I accomplished so much this week. I built a tree farm while she worked on a lumber mill. I harvested seeds while she put together a garden. We defeated the Eye of Cthulu a few times to build our Demonite weapons, then we took them over to the Corruption where we beat the Eater of Worlds a few times. My character focuses on Ranged weapons while hers now focuses on Magic. I currently have a suit of Shadow armor while she's running around in Meteor armor. We were defeated by Skeletron, however. We await our revenge.

Playstation 3
You're a worthy foe, sir.
I salute you.
I finally beat this game! I've tried at least three separate occasions that I can recall to work my way through this treacherous game. I even got stuck for three hours in the exact spot I got stuck the last time. I finally fought my way past the Reapers in the Shrine of Storms and pushed on to victory! It wasn't until the Black Phantom of Selen Vinland that I was at controller-throwing levels of rage, but even she fell once I changed my tactics. The False King was my final demon and he gave me a run for my money. Excellent game. 

I'd never seen this before!
I was frustrated with Demon's Souls, so oddly enough I turned to another game that I simply cannot beat no matter how many of Mega Man's lives I throw at it. Perseverance has proven effective, though. I've passed my nemesis (the vile Jewel Man) whose stage is the stuff of nightmares to me. All I have left is Splash Woman and Concrete Man, before heading to Wily's Fortress. I probably would have gotten farther, but I became obsessed with Demon's Souls and it readily consumed the last 48 hours of my life.


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