Friday, May 4, 2012

Week in Review - 5/4/2012

Radiant Historia

I picked up Radiant Historia quite some time ago and only got about 20 hours in before being distracted by something else (I’m looking at you, Skyrim). After playing quite a bit of Xenoblade Chronicles, I really wanted a quality game I could play on the go and remembered I had left this game unfinished. I decided to start from scratch and am quite enjoying my current play-through. I manage to get totally absorbed in the story, and I really enjoy how the battles can be more challenging than the average game. They require extra planning and utilizing the battlefield.

Dungeon Defenders

This picture is the result of my hard egg hunting at work. Not to mention fully upgraded sets of Mythic armor that I build with the mana I made selling extra eggs. The game just added the 3rd chapter in the Lost Eternia Shards featuring a sunken city, Aquanos, and devious Sharken monsters. Though my interest in the game has slowed down somewhat, I’m still logging quite a few hours a week – especially when my friends are on and wanting to defend some dungeons.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

It’s been over a month since I logged some time in Skyrim. I decided to wake Genjo up and get him moving again. He’s got an audience to appease. He was sent to bring a bandit leader to justice and found an entire encampment completely dead when he got there. Read more about it on my ancillary blog, “A Breton in Skyrim.” I’m also thinking of playing the boring adventures of Faendal the Wood Elf (a resident of Riverwood) but my attempts to model a character after him have left me feeling unimpressed.


Terraria has stolen a lot of my attention lately. You create a character that resembles a Super Nintendo sprite and are thrown into a hostile world full of things to find and only your imagination to limit what you can build. Fighting monsters and building giant forts is every kid’s dream. It’s only better when you can do it in SNES graphics. I got hooked on this game watching a YouTube video series that I’ve linked below. I’m on Episode 72 – the farthest I’ve ever watched any web series. It still manages to entertain and inspire my future adventures in Terraria.

Xenoblade Chronicles

The plot of Xenoblade Chronicles is really starting to interest me. Lately it’s been popular to make a show or movie or game very mysterious and tease me with intriguing little carrots but then really disappoint me in the end. I like to blame Lost and M. Night Shyamalan, but whoever is to blame I am really starting to think Xenoblade Chronicles isn’t going to be counted among the giant disappointments of a good build up. I really feel it will all comes together in the end.  I’ll let you know (in a rant) if it doesn’t, I’m sure.


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