Friday, May 11, 2012

Week in Review - 5/11/2012

Nintendo DS
Radiant Historia is a great game. It’s possibly one of the best traditional RPG I have played in a long time. It’s got turn based battles and a very complex story that even I have trouble keeping straight in a single play-through. I recently decided I’d be joining the masses of expectant players logging into Diablo III next week, so I’m trying to get all my current projects finished before then. It feels unlikely that I’ll finish Radiant Historia and Xenoblade Chronicles since I’m so wrapped up in my obsession to build in Terraria

My Faendal re-creation!
While waiting for the polls to close on my “A Breton inSkyrim” blog, I cannot play as Genjo. So I decided to head out with a new character modeled after Genjo’s friend, Faendal. So far I’ve returned the Golden Dragon Claw and gotten to the point where dragons spawn randomly so any Faendal adventures might reflect what Genjo has done in the blog. Faendal is not going to be “Dragonborn.” He’s simply a ranger working as a lumberjack in Riverwood. It’s been fun so far. 

I built this Cactaur statue!
This game has been the meat and potatoes of my week. Once I log into it, my entire day is lost. I had an unfortunate accident with my original character, Crono, so I decided to start a new character on a new world made on the largest scale. I named her Nara after a character in one of my stories and she is busy terraforming her world to suit her needs. I also built my first sprite out of grey blocks. I thought building sprites would be one of the biggest draws to this game for me. I was right.  


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