Friday, May 18, 2012

Week in Review - 5/18/12

Nintendo DS
I beat Radiant Historia with 100% completion this week. It’s a great game. Atlus continues to impress me. I believe a true strength of this game is its characters. The main character in particular is an accomplished spy and swordsman, a far cry from the standard RPG hero who starts out as a nobody. Shuffling around two timelines of activities is a unique experience, akin distantly to Chrono Cross. If you like traditional role-playing games, this one is a must play. It is among the few true traditional-style RPG (a.k.a. “Japanese” or “JRPG”) around in the last decade.

Wizard & Monk Duet
Diablo III was released this week. I was not particularly excited because I did not play Diablo II so I did not know what I was missing. I knew it would be a big event for most of my game playing friends, so I decided I would get it to play with them. So far, I have not been disappointed. I always have at least one friend on to team up with and the game itself is a lot of fun. I’m playing a Monk with my wife and a Wizard without her (she’s playing Wizard).

It took him two days of hard work at Gerdur’s mill, but Genjo finally saved up enough money to buy a house. However, the roads of Skyrim aren’t safe, my friends. What adventures befell him en route to Whiterun? I’m hoping to have a complete write up of his adventures later this afternoon, so look forward to it. Other than Genjo’s adventures, I have not been playing Skyrim due to Terraria and Diablo III. When I do play, however, I get pretty absorbed and have lots of fun.

So building in Terraria completely took over my weekend last week. I decided at some point that my little underground bunker wasn’t good enough for the people of Terraria and built a few homes. I built a Toad House for my Merchant (and later on the Arms Dealer and Clothier). I also built a Heart Container for the Nurse to use as an Infirmary. Over by my vast garden area, I built a hut for my Dryad out of mud, stone and grass. I plan to continue a hanging garden all around her house for Waterleaf plants if Diablo III doesn’t keep me away.

I attempted to play a game of Civilization V with my brother last night, but we could not stay connected for more than a handful of turns. We spent an hour trying to get it to work but eventually gave up. Great disappointment was had by all. Since I didn't technically "play" the game, I won't post pictures but I thought I'd mention it nonetheless. 


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