Friday, May 25, 2012

Week in Review - 5/25/2012

Score Victory in Multiplayer!
My brother was in town for the weekend. We decided to get a few games of Civ V under our belt since our internet connections won’t allow us a game longer than 10 turns. I found new inspiration to knock out a few games after he left as well. Particularly fond of my first victory on Prince difficulty (I know, I’m lame) with Songhai. I drove for a Cultural Victory, but was ahead in Technology as well. I also had the second strongest military which led to some interesting stand offs against rivals. Victory could not be duplicated again with Russia. 

Shai (Monk) at start of Nightmare
This week marked my adventuring party’s triumph over Normal difficulty in Diablo III. I’m really excited to take my Monk into Nightmare difficulty, but I haven’t had the opportunity yet. I’m learning to use the Auction House feature to my advantage, but I am also constantly vexed that it is unavailable due to maintenance. I’m still debating the possibility of a documented adventure in Hardcore, but I continue to put it off to play with friends in Softcore and fight the good fight on new characters. I am leveling all but Demon Hunter on Softcore at the moment. 

Dalziel at New Terra
My brother was interested in checking out Terraria so I loaded it up and showed him around. He made his own character and messed around in the early stages of the game, building a shelter. We didn’t play too much, unfortunately. If we had two copies of the game I could see us really tearing it up, but as it stands my Terraria adventure is on indefinite hold and I am awaiting Starbound. Diablo III is simply too distracting.  

Playstation 3
I spent 6 hours over the weekend tearing through Shadow of the Colossus. I didn’t spend my usual obsessive amounts of time hunting down lizard tails, so other than a scattered sighting here and there, I managed to play through the game rather quickly. It was my intent to highlight the battles which each of the 16 colossi for a small audience. I love that game and I’m glad it’s back in my possession. It feels good to take down a colossus every now and then. It’s a little bit symbolic of the real world in that way.   



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