Friday, March 9, 2012

Week in Review - 3/9/2012

My addiction to Civilization V continued through the week. I trumped William the Conqueror and claimed the throne of England in the 1066 Denmark/Viking scenario. I won a close Diplomatic Victory with Alexander of Greece on a very large map that I barely explored. I also won a Domination Victory with Oda Nobunaga on an archipelago map where I simply took every Capital I came across and then promptly made peace and searched for my next Capital. I think the addiction has finally waned.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Genjo took on his first adventure today and came out breathing. He snuck into the Embershard Mine and freed it from bandit occupation claiming all their loot as his own. Does that make him better or worse than a bandit? I don’t know. There’s 17 hours left on the polls if anyone wants to vote on what he does next with the life I’ve given him. I’m really enjoying playing Genjo in this choose-your-own-adventure style because it adds an element of the unknown for me, and the pressure is on to keep him alive and thus keep the blog alive.

Final Fantasy IV - DS Version
When I wrote about FinalFantasy XIV this week and started thinking about summoners, my thoughts turned to my favorite character, Rydia. I realized at one point that I had never really given the DS version of Final Fantasy IV its due respect. When I got it in 2008, I played up until the Tower of Zot and never even beat this really unique re-imagined version of my favorite “Final Fantasy.” While I don’t consider it the definitive version, it brings something to the world and the story that you won’t find anywhere else and it’s quite fun.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
This is a picture of my current character, Anko. She’s a Ranger but I mostly think of her as a ninja. She specializes in Daggers and Bow, though occasionally I switch to Chakram when I need a more consistent ranged weapon that doesn’t need a refill cool-down. Anko is my second character and the more enjoyable of the two. I continue to progress towards some inevitable conclusion to a game I’m just playing to hack and slash. She hacks and slashes really well. I’m already thinking of building a mage to try the final un-played build in this combat system.

The Sims 3
Unfortunately, I plucked this picture from someone’s site, but this is the couple I’m currently playing in Sims 3. I recently re-installed the game on a new computer and decided to keep it simple. I’m playing the un-adulterated Sims 3 game without any other expansions installed. Weeks ago, I was playing the Martinez family in their (failed) attempt to reach their life goals. I imported their only son, Pancho Villa, into the game to interact with this new pre-made couple, Holden Wonzy and Gwen Glover. So far all that’s happened is an attempt to befriend Pancho, who is resisting.

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  1. Your week in review reads like my Steam library. I really enjoy Sims 3, Skyrim, and Civ 5.

    1. You should hit me up on Steam. I'd love to get a multi-play of Civ V going sometime. I've never even tried it. My brother just got Civ V too while it was on sale over the weekend. We shall have to coordinate some weekend if you're up for it.