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The Surtr Saga - Part 4

Crusader Kings II - The Surtr Saga

Chapter 4
The Life & Legacy of King Tyrsormr I.

  • Year 957 AD (King Tyrsormr I, Age 40) 
The new King is unconcerned with threats to his throne and invades Ulster in March.

  • Year 958 AD (King Tyrsormr I, Age 41)
Ulster is conquered in May and renamed Strangfjordr. In July, Grimr's faction rears up to thrust Norway into war over the throne, despite Grimr no longer holding any landed titles. In September, Jarl Sigurd, the King's brother, also raised a banner against the crown. 

  • Year 959 AD (King Tyrsormr I, Age 42)
In April, an upstart in Ireland declares a War of Liberation on Norway. King Tyrsormr I has his hands tied with challenges to his crown and cannot rush back to Ireland. In October, the Spymaster of Norway discovers a plot on the King's life with his own daughter, Bodil, behind it. Once exposed, Bodil gives up her attempt to assassinate the king. No further action is taken. 

  • Year 960 AD (King Tyrsormr I, Age 43)
August of 960, Jarl Sigurd I of Iceland is defeated.

  • Year 961 AD (King Tyrsormr I, Age 44)
In June, the Chief of Trondelag begins a plot to name someone other than the King as Jarl of Trondelag. King Tyrsormr I sends men to arrest the traitor, but he raises his men in open rebellion. 

  • Year 962 AD (King Tyrsormr I, Age 45) 
There can be only one!
Chief Sigtrygg's rebellion in Trondelag is quelled and Sigtrygg is stripped of his title, strengthening the King's holdings in the Jarldom of Trondelag. In October, the King grows quite ill, unfortunately. It's December when he receives word that Ireland has liberated itself from Norway, including all its territory in Skotland. Norway will take this loss and deal with it later. 

  • Year 963 AD (King Tyrsormr I, Age 46)
In March of 963, Kettil of Shetland sues for White Peace thus ending Grimr's move for the throne. King Tyrsormr I hopes to take time to stabilize the nation now that all rebellions have ended. In October, his eldest daughter who previously made held a plot against the King's life, is married to her cousin, Haesteinn, the Chief of Vestfold and heir to the Jarldom of Iceland. Bodil is named Seer of Vestfold that same month. 

  • Year 964 AD (King Tyrsormr I, Age 47) 
In March, Princess Sigrid comes of age and is betrothed to Bo, Prince of Skotland. In October, Prince Skuli is appointed Steward of Norway. King Tyrsormr I feels his dynasty is growing strong. 

  • Year 965 AD (King Tyrsormr I, Age 48)
King Tyrsormr I decides in April that the time has come to reclaim some of what was lost in the colonies to the upstart in Ireland. Norway's army marches to Caithness. In November, Prince Bo and Princess Sigrid are wed, but King Tyrsormr I finds out too late that Prince Bo is more interested in men than women. Hopefully, this doesn't interfere with plans to put a Surtr on the throne of Skotland. 

  • Year 966 AD (King Tyrsormr I, Age 49) 
Liberate This, Ireland
New allegiances in Skotland bring about a call to arms to aid Skotland with civil unrest, and King Tyrsormr I realizes why the King of Skotland was so eager to marry off his brother to Princess Sigrid. Before the end of January, Norway finds itself alongside Skotland in a war against the Kingdom of Wales. In March, Prince Skuli dies in battle at age 19, putting the future of the Kingdom of Norway into jeopardy. Princess Bodil becomes heir to the crown, but she will have to split the kingdom with her sisters. Because of his wife's age, King Tyrsormr I decides to take a concubine to help him gain another son before it's too late and the kingdom is divided. Thyra Bosdottir is taken to court as concubine. She is the daughter of the imprisoned Chief of Halogaland

In July, Earl Fingen the Liberator of Ireland is captured and the conquest of Caithness comes to an end. That following September, Princess Alvor comes of age and is betrothed to another Prince of Skotland, Falki, in case things don't work out with Princess Sigrid and Prince Bo. 

  • Year 967 AD (King Tyrsormr I, Age 50)
In February, another daughter is born with Thyra and is named Asta. In July, the issue of succession is becoming so troublesome that Holmfrid of Skotland is taken as an additional concubine. In August, High Chieftess Asa I of Jamtaland declares war on the crown to support Grimr's claim on Norway. Apparently, the entire kingdom thinks Grimr will make a grand king, but King Tyrsormr I doesn't think so.

  • Year 968 AD (King Tyrsormr I, Age 51)
In January, King Tyrsorm realizes that he's fallen in love with a courtier named Asa. He decides to make her a concubine later that month, upsetting his wife deeply. September of 968, Princess Alvor and Prince Falki are married. In October, High Chieftess Asa sues for White Peace. She is imprisoned and stripped of her title. Prince Bo is named Jarl of Jamtaland in her place. He quickly names Sigrid Surtr spymaster of Jamtaland. 

  • Year 969 AD (King Tyrsormr I, Age 52)
At the start of the year, Norway is stable and Skotland is torn apart by war so King Tyrsormr I decides to take advantage of the confusion and march into the territory of Ross

  • Year 970 AD (King Tyrsormr I, Age 53) 
Unification or Bust!
The Queen of Norway, devastated by the number of concubines and affair with courtier Asa, is uncovered plotting against the King's life. After a talk, she gives up her scheming and is forgiven by the crown. Meanwhile, by February, the conquest of Ross is won! King Tyrsormr I marches onward to Buchan. In September, another daughter is born and named Bjorg. The more daughters he has without a son, the more divided the nation will become and so the King's stress increases every passing month. 

  • Year 971 AD (King Tyrsormr I, Age 54)
In March, King Tyrsormr I gets word that the people of Trondelag no longer consider themselves Norse, but are calling themselves Norwegian. He isn't sure what to make of this new development. In April, conquest of Buchan is complete. In May, the King's retinue marches into the territory of Moray itself to unify the Jarldom. In November of 971, another daughter, Bothildr, is born. 

  • Year 972 AD (King Tyrsormr I, Age 55)
It's March and a son is born! Toki Tyrsormrsson is the new heir to the Kingdom of Norway. In June, Norway wins victory over the territory of Moray and the Jarldom of Moray is formed. Now unified in northern Skotland, King Tyrsormr I turns his attention to the fractured nation of Sweden, the giant to the east. King Tyrsormr I has watched the spread of Catholicism and Islam and decided that in order to compete with the southern religions, reformation is necessary. He sets his sights on the holy site of Uppsala in Uppland, Sweden. 

In December, Princess Edla of Norway marries Frirek Budlisson, heir to the Jarldom of Novgorod. 

  • Year 973 AD (King Tyrsormr I, Age 56)
The Queen's plot to kill Prince Toki is uncovered and King Tyrsormr is outraged. All of his work to produce a male heir could be undone by his own wife! Queen Bjorg is imprisoned in March and dies alone in prison by July. King Tyrsormr I is burdened by her death, but he feels no remorse due to her treachery. 

  • Year 974 AD (King Tyrsormr I, Age 57) 
In March, the territory of Agder joins Trondelag in declaring itself Norwegian. In July, the civil wars in Sweden come to an end which causes serious problems for King Tyrsormr's ambitions to claim Uppland. 

  • Year 975 AD (King Tyrsormr I, Age 58) 
Back to Ireland!
In March, the Queen of Sweden actually sues for peace and the Jarldom of Svithjod falls into the hands of Norway. King Tyrsormr I now has access to two of the Norse holy sites and spends many months deliberating over whether or not to liberate Hleidra from the Catholic Kingdom of Denmark. He ultimately decides its overdue time to revisit Fingen the Liberator of Ireland and retake Argyll from the Irish. 

  • Year 977 AD (King Tyrsormr I, Age 60)
In April, Fingen the Liberator is defeated and Argyll is welcomed back into the Kingdom of Norway. In October, Princess Sigrid Surtr dies of Great Pox. Despite her husband being the Gay Prince of Skotland, they have two children which is welcomed news to King Tyrsormr I. 

  • Year 978 AD (King Tyrsormr I, Age 61) 
In October, King Tyrsormr I finally feels confident enough to move on Hleidra in Sjaelland against Denmark. 

  • Year 979 AD (King Tyrsormr I, Age 62)
After a year of war, King Fredrik I of Denmark surrenders the island of Sjaelland to Norway in October.

  • Year 980 AD (King Tyrsormr I, Age 63)
In January of 980, King Tyrsormr I reforms the Norse faith into an organized religion. He becomes the first Fylkir of the Fylkirate and turns all his attentions to matters of faith. He converts all his vassals to this new faith and begins to spread reformed Norse throughout the kingdom. Jarl Faste of Uppland is his first convert, and becomes a great ally in the expansion of the Norse faith. 

In July, the lords of Norway approve Medium Crown Authority.

  • Year 981 AD (Fylkir Tyrsormr I, Age 64)
In September, Prince Sigurd, the King's biggest political rival, dies of severe stress. The King's nephew and son-in-law, Haesteinn, becomes Jarl of Iceland.

In April of 982, Tyrsormr I, King of Norway, Fylkir of the Norse, dies at the age of 64 of natural causes.
He is succeeded by the young prince, Toki I. Long live King Toki!

Tyrsormr Falkisson of the House of Surtr will always be remembered!
First Fylkir of the Norse, King of Norway!
Jarl of Trondelag and Vestalet!

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