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The Surtr Saga - Part 2

Crusader Kings II - The Surtr Saga

Chapter 2
The Very Short Reign of Toki II

  • Year 911 AD (Jarl Toki II, Age 16) 
Although he is distraught by the death of his grandfather and mentor, Toki I, the new Jarl is wise to the problems of succession and strengthens himself for any challenges to his birthright. Fortunately, Nordreyjar remains secure and Jarl Toki II focuses his attention outward. 

  • Year 912 AD (Jarl Toki II, Age 17)
In June of 912, Toki II uncovers a plot to see the title of Jarl of Iceland be granted to another, but swift action sees this plot disbanded before it can take any ground among the people. In October, news spread quickly that King Faste the Great had died in an accident just after a glorious conquest in Britain. Jarl Toki II's cousin, Inge, is crowned King of Norway.

  • Year 913 AD (Jarl Toki II, Age 18) 
Early in January, Jarl Toki II sees an opportunity to conquer parts of Ireland, but his efforts are cut short when Jarl Suni revolts against King Inge to put Prince Edmund on the throne. Jarl Toki II decides to abandon his campaign in Ireland and return to Norway to defend his cousin. Unfortunately, August of that year Jarl Toki II died in battle against Jarl Suni. 

Jarl Toki II is succeeded by his sister, High Chieftess Rognhildr. 

Battles are Dangerous!

Jarl Toki II did not accomplish much in his short time as Jarl.

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