Friday, June 1, 2012

Week in Review - 6/1/2012

I apologize that my post about Chrono Trigger's Magus was published late, and this week's article has been postponed. I had some family in town, followed by Memorial Day weekend, and my scheduled has gotten all out of sync. I decided to take the week off and not worry about posting again until next Tuesday, June 5th. I should have thrown something up earlier explaining I wouldn't be writing this week. Please forgive me. I'll be back on schedule next week.

She looks so friendly!
I finally pulled off a Catherine (Russia) victory on Prince difficulty. I’ve been choosing random map-types so I never know if I’ll be playing on full continents or small islands. My Russian empire happened to be an island nation which is an odd choice for a Russian victory, but I pulled it off splendidly. My fleet of battleships was a force feared all along the high seas and with them I crushed the mighty Spanish empire back into submission. Taking Madrid sealed my victory. I then went on to win another Prince game with Egypt. That time on Earth-map I controlled all of Europe and the Middle East. 

Witch Doctor Mola Ram
My adventures in Diablo III continue, but I have recently taken Monk out of the picture. Don’t misunderstand me, I love Monk but he’s becoming impractical in groups. When I play with friends he spends more time dead than alive. I know I could throw money into his gear to increase his survivability, but since he remains untouchable when I play solo I think I shall put him on the back burner as my solo class. I’m currently trying to catch up a Witch Doctor to join with my friends. Although he’s creepy, I enjoy the class. 

X-Box 360
I'm actually using a 1970 914.
Although I typically prefer Gran Turismo, I had the urge for a race and this was the only game I had on the shelf. I wasn’t interested in purchasing a new game. Although this game is old, it’s still quite fun. Surprisingly, my kids love this game. They love helping me pick which cars to race and what colors to paint them. They even enjoy the first couple races before their attention spans wander off. Since putting this on the first time, I’ve popped it on for a race or two just to distract them from their perpetual toddler drama.  


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