Friday, June 14, 2013

Week in Review - 6/14/2013

I haven't done a week in review since March. They don't take very long, especially when I'm only playing one game or so a week because of my busy university schedule. The real reservation I have, however, is that I didn't want this blog to simply become a "Week in Review" blog. Without some feature articles, just hearing about what I'm playing seemed boring. I'm trying to use the freedom of summer to get this blog back on schedule, though. My next semester will be even busier than the last, so hopefully I can queue up a few thoughts to post more regularly over the school year. I really appreciate the attention the blog got during Music May and I want to keep you wonderful people of the internet entertained with my thoughts, ideas and reviews of gaming more consistently. Without further ado, here are the games that I've been playing this week!


Not my character sadly. Soon!
My wife bought me my own 3DS for Father's Day with a copy of Animal Crossing that was recently released and I'm really excited about it. I played every Animal Crossing game so far, but I really haven't enjoyed one as much as the very first one for GameCube (N64 in Japan). My brother (@Deezer509) and my wife both have a copy as well and we're looking forward to playing together a lot. I'm also trying to just explore the content and unlockables and collectibles on my own. to enhance the surprise factor of the game. 

Before I got Animal Crossing and whenever my PS3 was in use by another member of the family (Netflix) I would pop on Waking Mars which is an interesting little game I have on Steam. You play an explorer/scientist delving into the depths of Mars caverns where unique life does exist. It's both a platform and puzzle game as you meet challenges to balance the ecosystem to allow you access to deeper areas. There is also a hint of mystery as you uncover more clues as to the origin of life on Mars. My daughter is my co-pilot on this one. She often sits beside me to watch me explore Mars. 

Playstation 3
Not my Arisen sadly. Soon!
I got the original version of Dragon's Dogma close to its original release, but because of Dark Souls I never really gave it a fair shake. A couple weeks ago, my best friend picked up Dark Arisen so I upgraded my old copy to the newer expansion and set off on a whirlwind adventure. I only use my own Pawn and his Pawn, and we set each other up for success and keep our levels similar. Although it's not as good as playing together, the level of cooperation between us still keeps it fun and interesting. 


PS:  I'm really excited to be picking up a copy of The Last of Us tonight!

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