Friday, June 8, 2012

Week in Review - 6/8/2012


Nightmare Witch Doctor
The biggest challenge to me in Diablo III is my internet connection. Since I bought the game, my internet has given me and my wife nothing but trouble. We recently rearranged some furniture and since then we can’t seem to stay consistently connected to the internet after 8pm EST. It’s making progress in the game difficult. I have never been a naysayer against the demand to be online to play the game, but it sure is annoying me now that I can’t stay online at night. We never had this problem with any MMO. We recently hit up Whimsyshire in the afternoons, though. 

Shulk: Terrible name, Cool character
I had a patch of being busy lately and now that I’m caught up with life, I return my attention (nearly undivided) to Xenoblade Chronicles. It pains me that I was unable to stay focused from start to finish, but after briefly reintroducing myself to the game’s mechanics I’m firing toward the end and breakneck speed. I’m determined to see it through to the end before any other distractions pop up. I continued to be amazed by the music. The story is now picking up nicely, too, and I find myself more and more desperate to know what happens next.

Games on Deck:
Ever since I started blogging back in February, I've been reading more and more video game news and personal blogs about gaming in order to come up with topics and familiarize myself with what's going on in the world of gaming. That is to say, more than I used to. Since February I keep stumbling on the name of a game I'd honestly never even heard of until this year. It's surprising because most people are commenting that it's the best role-playing game (or Western role-playing game if they are segregating) of all time. How could I have never heard of this? 

The game is Planescape: Torment and I'm told it's an existential experience. I recently procured a copy for Father's Day and I'm hoping to turn my full attention to it after finishing up Xenoblade Chronicles. It means pushing back Persona 4 again! Can anyone who reads this far comment on whether they'd rather play Persona 4 or Planescape: Torment? I expect I'll have to decide which I devote my time to sometime next week.



  1. Tough choice. I would play Planescape first though, I think you'd appreciate it more.

    1. Planescape it is. As much as I love AD&D, I've always found Baldur's Gate & Neverwinter Nights difficult to play, and I'm having the same problem with Planescape. I'm trying to push through it for the sake of the story/experience. I'm not sure why that type of game, when applied to PC, is boring for me, but in my imagination + pen&paper it's ridiculously fun.