Friday, June 22, 2012

Week in Review - 6/22/2012

Nintendo DS

 When this game launched in Japan back in March, I was extremely excited. My Facebook has had a picture of Kenshin and Mewtwo since then (I should really change it). I never thought the game would see a US release, and only three months later! I was going to write an entire article about how I wish these niche games would come over here, but now that’s a moot point. I bought it on a whim yesterday and I’ve really been enjoying it. So far I’ve united Ransei with the Main Hero and I’m about to dive into the side-story episodes.

I nearly cried shortly beyond here.
I popped this game on a few nights ago because I couldn’t sleep. Did I think this would help? No, not really. Fortunately I stopped before it got too intense. That is to say, I came around a corner and caught a glimpse of a strange bipedal beast-man just as he disappeared around a corner and I nearly pee’d my pants. I play with the lights off and headphones on as the game directed me. Yeah. Well, I’m enjoying it when I am in the mood to have the pants scared off me. It is a great idea for a game.

With the release of Gods & Kings just this week, I have had “Civilization” on my mind. I decided recently that I would try and wait for the expansion to go on sale, but it doesn’t stop me from picking away at the long list of achievements I have yet to conquer in the original game and its downloaded content. I started up a game as Arabia and am pretty well situated in the northeast of a continent. I have a wall of City States protecting me from France, Mongolia and China. I will strive for economic dominance. 

The last time I played The Sims 3 back in March, I had created a small household that was made up of 4 cloned and killed Sims modeled after myself. I decided to pluck Electro Oliver out of his home and make him a successful businessman in his afterlife, but I got bored playing as a ghost and decided to boot up the original Sim Oliver before death claimed him. For the first time since I’ve owned the game, I managed to get Fishing to Lv5, Gardening to Lv7 and Cooking to Lv10 to make myself Ambrosia and thus immortal.   

Playstation 3
"This is ridiculous. Worst birthday ever."
I’m still working on my analysis of the Final Fantasy XIII plot. I’m paying a lot of attention to the Datalog and learning small tidbits here and there, but so far nothing is so ground-breaking that the entire game suddenly makes sense. I’m waiting to get near the end where all the rules established early in the game start to fall apart. I’m hoping this time things will add up. I’m part of the way through Chapter 6 out of 13 so I’m making some good progress. I may publish my notes when it’s said and done.

I did not play Planescape: Torment at all this week. I cannot get into it. Sigh.


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