Friday, February 19, 2016

Week in Review - 2/19/2016

Shai Hulud perched over Ishgard
Like many weeks before it, this week I only logged on to raid with my team. Unfortunately, we are not progressing. It pains me to say it, but when we had a pick-up Ninja last week we were doing much better and seeing steady progress. Now we're back to wiping in add phase of Savage Alexander Round 3 (A3S). Next week the game will add new rounds to Alexander and we will push into that new content leaving the old behind. I'm tempted to finish leveling up my Paladin this coming weekend, but I'm not sure I'll have the mental fortitude.

As a simple Valentine's Day gesture, I moved all my wife's old Pokémon from previous generations up to the Pokémon Bank. Her Blastoise Squirt from Leaf Green to her motley crew in White 2. Now I've turned my attention to a project I've always wanted to do, but will probably never finish. I'm getting all the Pokémon out of their respective games - starting with the original 151 from Fire Red. So far I've got all three starters, Caterpie, Weedle, Pidgey, Rattata, and Spearow secreted away to my new "Pokémon Zoo" project.

This looks nice!
This week Kathmandu stayed up late building the first module of his new research center. I scoured the solar system in order to find some new building materials. Hoping to find an abandoned Apex laboratory with research equipment, instead I stumbled into a USCM base full of robots. I cleaned out the inhabitants and set to work in the lower recesses of the base. I made sure to replace all their light metal and fancy lights with cobblestone and torches. No instead of a futuristic base, it looks like a paleolithic domicile. 

When my wife is too sleepy to focus on TV, but wants to feel happy as she falls asleep, she asks me to play Valkyria Chronicles. This week I finished up Chapter 2 which means I have access to the beginnings of Squad 7. Instead of taking characters who I know are statistically the best in their field, I'm trying to get to know members of Squad 7 that I never really used before. Recently, Rosie proved herself as MVP by climbing up to a rooftop and raining a storm of bullets down into our enemies. Who needs snipers when you have Rosie?


Technically this is not a multiplayer game, but almost every morning TOP & Deez chat for at least an hour about the current and upcoming events going on in FFRK. We did not get a chance to play any other game this week, so we thought we'd highlight a game we definitely share on a daily basis, even if we can't technically play it together. 

This week in FFRK I conquered my 3rd Ultimate boss, Maduin. I have claimed Terra's Pendant as my reward. Previously, I beat Yunalesca and Beatrix. I threw myself at Rubicante, but it didn't go well. The rest of the Ultimates I have skipped out of fear. I did end up using one Mythril, but not out of necessity. After getting to 15% a few times, I thought a little extra boost would help me get over that threshold rather than waiting to get a lucky break. I used Advance & Retaliate with Gilgamesh's Draw Fire while the Barrier is up. Eiko's Emerald Light was key to victory after Mass Dispel was cast on my team around 50%. I love this game.

- TOP           

I can't believe this is the first time I'm talking about FFRK! This game has stolen 7-20 hours of my life per week over the past 5 months. I don't have anything profound to say about it this week other than that I love it. TOP and I have long been of the idea that the newer 3D characters needed 2D sprite treatment in the same way that many older 2D Final Fantasy games have been ported to 3DS with upgraded 3D models. Mixing and matching characters to build a team is also great. I'm just pissed I didn't overcome Maduin (Ultimate) this week!

- Deezer

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