Monday, April 29, 2013

Introduction: Music May!

Happy Monday, people of the internet!

Last year, I spent the summer going over the TOP Ten Memorable Moments that ended up being a project that dragged out much longer than I anticipated. This year, I wanted to do another count-down but was opposed to prolonging it over months and months. My brother and I came up with a solution to this problem and I'm happy to announce Wednesday will be the official kick-off for ...

Every day in May we will be looking at a piece of gaming music that we believe stands out in excellence. Pain-staking effort has gone into our research and we finally narrowed it down to the 31 TOP Tracks to present over the 31 days of May. As always, these are solely based on our opinions and research (video game playing). We are both open to criticism or arguments on the list that will be presented over the next month, so feel free to leave comments. I'm looking forward to sharing each piece of music (and its derivatives!) all month.


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