Friday, August 3, 2012

Week in Review - 8/3/2012

Kotaro & Zoruark
 I’m still pushing through Hideyoshi’s episode. I had spent a lot of time evolving Pokémon and their Warlords. All the while Kotaro and Nobunaga were dueling it out on the east coast. As a result of many triumphs over Nobunaga, Kotaro was incredibly difficult to defeat. I tried to lure his army into Terrera which is very easy to capture without battling head to head, but he would have none of it. Eventually, I took my newly evolved Yoshihiro with a fully evolved Conkeldurr to take down Kotaro’s monstrous Dark Pokémon. Now only Nobunaga remains and I push him back to Dragnor.

My military is over 9,000!
I’m fighting off the impulse to buy “Gods & Kings” for Civilization V. I want to get it when it goes on sale or the price lowers, but I want it pretty badly. The game now feels incomplete when I read about the tales of religious intrigue and espionage from other players. At any rate, I finally loaded up the (incomplete) game in an attempt to rule on high as Arabian sultan. It didn’t work out. I lost by score to the unbelievable Egyptian empire. At one point a military rating came out which placed me around 2000 and the Ottomans (my closest rivals, but allies) at 4000. Egypt was at 15,000. I’ve never seen anything like that before. 

Shai, Nimla & Elden as White Mage
Final Fantasy XIV has been a lot of fun the last two weeks. I’ve been working really hard at getting all the new jobs unlocked. Completing those quests isn’t a small feat. Just yesterday, I joined (and later re-organized) a pick-up group into Dzemael Darkhold in order to get White Mage and Monk artifact armor. I’ve been plugging away at side-quests and camp achievements when I’m solo. Pretty soon, though, I’m going to need to set my sights higher. I need to defeat some pretty fierce bosses, and conquer some dungeons. The relic weapons loom beyond my reach as well.


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