Friday, July 20, 2012

Week in Review - 7/19/2012

As the Steam Summer Sale hits full stride I find myself with too many games to play, and this is coming from a guy who had too many games to play before July even started. I think my Steam (admittedly meager) Steam collection has doubled in the last week and all for a very small amount of money. Now to dedicate the rest of my life to playing games and maybe I can finish them all. 

I am still plucking away at this great game. It’s slowed down a bit now that I’m back in my own house (full of games) and with Steam giving me a new game every day for $2 or $5. I do sit down with it for an hour here or there and pick away at my high scores, or try to unlock and level up new characters. My original party was Cecil (IV), Bartz (V), Zidane (IX), and Shantotto (XI). O-hohoho! Now I have my Dark Note hunters slowly leveling and searching for crystal shards, Cloud (VII), Lightning (XIII), Cid (III), and Squall (VIII).

Keiji & Bastiodon
Since clearing the initial story of Pokémon Conquest, I’ve been systematically plugging away at the additional scenarios that feature a new primary Warlord. This week I cleared Aya, Masanori, Rammaru and my current game is Keiji. I got to say his Rhydon is the most powerful Pokémon I’ve used so far. I managed to get Aya to evolve, and Ranmaru has a wee Riolu. I’m setup to get Kenshin his Mewtwo and Keiji the Terakionn. Those will be my first Legendary monsters. I’m curious how they will stand up to tried and tested greats like Charizard and Rhydon. I’ll see this week. 

Recettear is an odd little game I’ve seen around Steam for some time now. It looks like a generic Japanese RPG with cute anime characters, but generic RPG are hard to gauge. Sometimes they are fun and engaging, while other times they fall flat and grow stale within an hour. Due to this, I’ve stayed my hand over Recettear for quite a while, but yesterday it was on sale for $4 (down from $20) so I decided it was finally worth the money to investigate. So far it has not grown stale, and I’m 4 hours in.

 Perhaps due to Pokémon Conquest and evidenced with my romp around Way of the Samurai 3, I am feeling very into samurai lately. I chose the Chosokabe again and tried to focus on their infrastructure and on keeping up with my army. It seemed to be going well until Lord Chosokabe died in battle and his wife was announced regent until their son came of age. It was discouraging. My army was devastated, but my situation was not beyond repair. Call me a quitter, but I decided to walk away and come back at it another time. One day, I will unite Japan. 
Playstation 3
This stingy fellow here is Adamantoise
I’m doing the Cie’th Stone missions now. I’ve done 1-13 and 17 as well as all the ones I was forced to do in Taejin’s Tower. It’s slow going, mostly because I want to move on to a new game. I’m dedicated to continuing and told myself I’d do a handful of missions each day. I’m also killing Adamantoise in my free time, but it’s only yielded 2 Platinum Ingots despite 10 or so kills. I’ve maxed out Lightning’s Razor Carbine with that money and now just await a Trapehedron to upgrade her or Vanille to their ultimate weapon.


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