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Week in Review - 3/2/2012

I decided a week ago that in March I'd begin posting a short Friday blog regarding games I'm currently playing and any thoughts associated with them. Originally, I wanted to add a "Games Played This Week" picture or widget in order to let people know the games I'm playing so they could inquire about them, or understand where I came up with the ideas for blog topics. I just thought it would be a good record to keep. Unfortunately, there wasn't always enough space in the article for the insert, or it was too distracting from the story I was trying to tell. It needs it's own space.

And so, TOP Gaming Week in Review column is born!

Civilization V

I read earlier this week that Civilization V is finally getting an expansion pack called “Gods & Kings” which will add religion and espionage mechanics along with new scenarios and civilizations. I’ve been playing the "Civilization" series since 1991, but I often overlook the scenarios. I booted up Civ V to correct that oversight. I finally beat the Mongolian scenario, terrorizing Asia with horsemen. I also conquered the New World (scenario) with France and united Polynesia! I’m currently working on a Roman Cultural Victory. I’m lodged deep in a war with Denmark over territory and fear I may be overwhelmed.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I recently read a blog about a player trying to emulate the life of a Non-Player Character (NPC) within Skyrim. It was so clever and fun to read that it made me remember how much role-playing you can do with a world like Skyrim. The blog ended abruptly with the death of the main character. It inspired me to try and play a realistic life in Skyrim (though not necessarily a drab, non-adventuring NPC life). I am chronicling this adventure in another blog called “A Breton in Skyrim.” Both links will be provided below.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

I’ve been playing Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning quite a bit since its release on February 7th.  I did a review of this game Tuesday, so naturally I’ve been playing it this week. I’ve provided the link to that review below in case you missed it. I’d like to add to it, this game is HUGE. There are several of faction storylines to pursue and many battles to be fought. The game’s map appears deceptively small at first, but after a few hours of exploring, you realize it’s quite an impressive size world. You’ll be exploring it for many, many hours.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

This is the current MMO I am playing, so presumably I will log some hours every week. I just logged in to take this screenshot of my main character, Shikari. She is a Lv50 (out of 50) Consular Sage, specializing in healing, on the bridge of her ship that I dubbed Mjolnir. I have been neglecting this game most of the week due to working on “A Breton in Skyrim” blog project and a resurfaced addiction to Civilization V. I will provide a link to the review of The Old Republic I wrote several weeks ago.

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I'm also trying to get up a spreadsheet of my entire library of games. It's mainly for personal reference and online so I can access it anywhere (anytime I buy or sell a game), but since it's relevant and people may want to see it (?) I'll add the link. I'll make this more readily available on the site once it's all formatted to my standards.

TOP Gaming Library - Note the first sheet is blank. It's a placeholder for future expansion.

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