Friday, July 13, 2012

Week in Review - 7/13/2012

I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long. Much of Maryland lost power two weeks ago so I was unable to make my Friday post about Pokémon Conquest, and then I left on a fortuitously scheduled vacation. When I returned home, power had returned but internet access had not. I’m considering an accelerated schedule for the last three posts of the Most Memorable series, but it remains to be seen. Until then let me tell you what games I’ve been playing over the past two weeks. 

The imagery of this song is distracting.
We decided to spoil ourselves in the downtime of our vacation by picking up a Nintendo 3DS with Theatrhythm Final Fantasy on the game’s release of July 3rd. This is a purchase we’d been debating for a long time, but in conjunction with Theatrhythm it was a decision neither of us could regret. You spend time matching the rhythm and melody of music from “Final Fantasy” to colorful on-screen cues, while also leveling up “Final Fantasy” characters who do battle with foes through your musical inputs. It is extremely fun and addicting. 

This is my second attempt to play this game. I took it with me on vacation, but thanks to Theatrhythm I didn’t even give it a glance until I was back home and the wife was monopolizing the 3DS. I can’t really get into the “Dragon Quest” series as easily as “Final Fantasy” but I am craving a simple, traditional Japanese Role-playing Game experience. My in-game clock says I gave up on this game after 3 hours and I felt that wasn’t fair so I gave it a good shot. After about 1 hour, I got bored. I’m still plugging away at it slowly, but “Dragon Quest” stories just don’t suck me in like other games can.

When I have access to which I find almost mandatory to evolving and matching my Warriors with their Pokémon I have been plugging away at the extra episodes of Pokémon Conquest. I’ve been going from easiest to hardest according to the in-game difficulty rating and have worked my way up to the 3-Star missions I’ve unlocked. I hope to start uniting some of the Warlords with their Legendary Pokémon – particularly Kenshin with his Mewtwo. I’m sincerely more interested in more “Conquest” games than I am excited for the release of Pokémon Black/White 2. I can’t get interested in it despite being a long-time fan of the series.

Playstation 3
Sadly, I'm stuck here (again).
I’m still pushing through FFXIII in order to fully grok the situation. I am surprised to admit that my second journey with attention to detail on the story is so-far quite enjoyable. I still don’t think it will justify the ending, but that remains to be scene. I’m currently at the end of Chapter 11 – I’ve skipped all the Cie’th Stone missions available on Gran Pulse in order to get to Barthandelus and unlock the next tier of skills for my characters. I do plan to go back and 100% the missions in order to see what hidden lore and secrets I can find among them.

Meet Wasabi the Green Onion Menace
I cannot tell you how excited I am for the release of Way of the Samurai 4. As a result, I cannot contain my enthusiasm for this series and so I popped on the third installment to alleviate some of the stress of my impatience. I’ve spent over 60 hours on my main Samurai, but I wanted to start up a new character and start from scratch to re-familiarize myself with the early challenges of the game. I decided my character, named Wasabi, would master the Short Green Onion and now he is the scourge of the town, terrorizing bandits and villagers alike with his oppressive leek.

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