Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Welcome to TOP Gaming

This is the dreaded first post. What do I say to an audience that doesn't even exist yet? What do I even have to say that's worth reading? These are difficult questions every blogger must ask himself as he sits down to create a blog in his own image. I will admit it's not the first blog I have ever started, but I'm hoping that it will be one I become dedicated to as I share with the world my inner-most passions: video games!

Yes, I'm another guy addicted to video games writing about it on the internet. I'm aware that this situation is not terribly uncommon, but I'm embarking on a personal journey and any readers that stumble upon it will have access to explore the world through the eyes of one avid gamer with a vivid imagination (and perhaps a knack for storytelling). I want to blog and I want to blog regularly, so it stands to reason I write about what I know I can talk about for hours on end over prolonged periods of time. I do enjoy many, many other things in life and there will certainly be glimpses of that, but in order to maintain a steady course I have chosen the topic that is the most consistent and inspirational throughout my life.

I was inspired by Final Fantasy to start writing my own short stories when I was very young. I've been writing and creating stories and elaborate fantasy worlds ever since then and continue to this day as an aspiring novelist. I was similarly inspired to study and learn Japanese with what started as a desire to consume more games with interesting stories that weren't being localized in the United States at the time. That seed grew into a deep affection and respect for Japanese culture and ultimately turned my attention towards linguistics and world history as well. Video games have definitely influenced a great deal of my life and I'm not ashamed to admit it (anymore).

What can you expect me to post about? Aside from personal anecdotes from the past or present, I hope to write weekly about games I'm playing and my thoughts and feelings based on them. I enjoy a wide variety of games, but I'm typically drawn to Role-Playing Games (RPG) and any story-oriented action/adventure games. I also play strategic games like Civilization V and there will probably be a fair share of Sims 3 talk as it's my default "let's waste some time in a video game" go-to game. That's not to say I don't play the occasional First-Person Shooter (FPS) or sports game, but they are far and few between since their stories are not the draw to that type of game.

I will decide in the near future exactly what my personal deadlines will be - but I hope to write very regularly once a week about past or present games. I may write a personal review, or I may just reminisce about the good old days (as I see them sometimes). I think some of my core ideas and philosophies will begin to manifest as I delve into why I like a game or how a game has impacted me - and many of them have - which I'm excited to explore publicly.

It remains to be seen if the public is excited to read them.

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